We stock a wide range of raw dog meats from several suppliers to give our customers the best choice possible. We have recently started stocking Cotswold Premium RAW Dog Food to go along side Bulmers and Natures Menu.


The range we are currently holding includes,


Tripe/Beef mix ecconomy/Chicken/Chicken-tripe mix

Best beef/Best lamb/Liver

Ducks necks/Chicken necks/Salmon cubes/Beef chunks,Turkey necks


Natures Menu

400g Tripe/Chicken/Lamb-chicken mix/Beef/Chicken-liver/Turkey/Rabbit/Chicken-beef mix/Chicken-tripe mix/Chicken-rabbit mix

Duck wings/Heart chunks/Beef Chunks/Chicken wings/poulty necks/

2kg Beef mince/Lamb-chicken mix/Chicken/Tripe



1kg Mince chicken/Mince beef/Mince lamb

500g Mince lamb/Mince beef/Mince Chicken/Mince turkey

Sausages Beef/Chicken/Lamb/Turkey



We also stock a range of Frozen Mice,Rats,Chicks,Rabbits and Quail.

natures:menu TRUE INSTINCT


With the finest quality meat, fish botanicals, vegetables and superfoods.

No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Our latest range of frozen, freeze dried and treats for cats and dogs

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It is very easy to get in touch with us. Call us at 01773 590777 01773 590777 or  contact us through our Facebook Page


Or you can find us at

2-4 Chesterfield Road



DE55 5NL


Our Product Range


We offer a wide variety of animal feeds and accessories. For more details, check out our Product Range

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